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This webpage and our windsurfcamps are dedicated to all of you windgirls out there. Our mission statement is to get more girls onto windsurfing equipment and making those who already are hooked feel even better about windsurfing. But most importantly we want to help grow our girls community together and hope that we can learn and meet during our Windsurf Camps but also connect and stay connected online through this platform. It doesn't matter if you just started windsurfing, or if you've already windsurfed a whole lifetime. Here is a place for all windgirls to meet, inspire and be inspired. Every girl knows what it feels like to hang out with their girlfriends. It's this special vibe that is not comparable to anything else. When you take this vibe to the water while enjoying what we love together it's just magic. We want to build a sisterhood and give you a sense of belonging when at most spots you probably feel very unique. We believe in the power of stories and being able to learn from each others stories, that is why we have included a Blog and a Forum so that we can all also share our stories right here and now.

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