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In March 2019 Lena finds herself coincidentally moving into Kathie's apartment in Hamburg. It was sister love at first sight! Having moved to Germany Lena realised that there were no women competing in slalom windsurfing in Germany. Being one of the biggest windsurfing markets this just felled very wrong to her, something had to be done.  The first 'Lena Erdil Girl's Camp' took place just 4 Month after that in June on Fehmarn. Kathi participates and is coaching the after surf Blackroll stretching sessions. A couple of weeks later the idea for MyWindstories is born suitably on a windsurf road trip Kathi and Lena make driving through Germany and to Lake Garda, you can read more about it in the Blog.  Actually one of the Girls attending the Camp and greatly inspiring the two of us for MyWindstories was Sandra Lahnsteiner, the creator of  Shades of Winter a project dedicated to create strong female role models to inspire and empower women to live an active outdoorsy lifestyle. Connecting and sharing the story of or first Girls camp in 2019 was so fun that in 2020 we want more!

More girls, more stories, more sharing, more inspiring, more learning and more fun. To become a part of our story make sure to join us here and of course at our 2020 Camps.


Lena Erdil 

After more than 10 years of competing on the Worldcup, winning 3 PWA Vice World Champion Titles, I've become a familiar face in our small global windsurf community. But not many people know that before I was even competing I was already teaching windsurfing. Brought up by two Sports teachers and pretty much in windsurfing centres all summer every summer my entire life, I've been able to gain a lot of experience coaching and teaching.

I'm super excited about the MyWindstories project as for me it is a way to give back to the community and sport that has given me so much. At the same time I really just want to see more girls on the water! I love sailing with other girls and personally believe there is nothing more motivating than seeing another girl do the move you've been practising. I look forward to hopefully sharing many sessions with all of you. 

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Kathi Seelack

Growing up surrounded by passionate windsurfers the sport has always been a very big part of my life. Windsurfing is also this great connecting force in my life introducing me to many different people who have since become some of my closest friends.

Being a physiotherapist and athletic coach gives me a new understanding of what it takes to go out there. I've learned what it means to listen even more to your body, understanding our movements and how to get the best recovery so that you can have more fun on the water day by day.

MyWindstories is a chance for me to connect and share all my passions while hopefully helping to strengthen the feeling of community and inspire more girls to be a part of it.   

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