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25.06. - 28.06.2020

Canceled due to Corona



Coming in 2021

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coming in 2021

canceled due to corona

Coming in 2021

Video Analysis

The Video Analysis is a key part of our Coachings. Sometimes you think you are doing something, while in fact, it looks very different to how you feel you are doing it. Seeing yourself on video and analyzing every step together is a very powerful tool for learning. With windsurfing small details like where you put your hand on the boom or how you stand on the board can make all the difference for the comfort of your riding.

Equipment tuning

Tuning and rigging and all that comes with it is often something we girls are unsure about. The technical aspect of preparing and choosing your equipment can be really daunting but is also the part that can easily make the biggest difference to feeling more comfortable about your windsurfing on and off the water. Learning tips from girls who have learned to replace muscle power with technique will help you feel more confident. At our Camps, we also offer the possibility to try our equipment the way we set it up so that you can get a good point of reference for what is possible.


Recovery and Regeneration nowadays is a integral part of athletic performance. We want to support your periods of rest and maintain your physical and mental balance after all the windsurfing. We want you to feel strong and powerful every day of our Camps (although we can't promise you won't have blisters on your hands). For this we show you tools you can use on your own, doesn't matter where you are, to give your body the regeneration and reload of energy it needs to tap into athletic potential and achieve your athletic goals. Katharina Seelack is a physiotherapist, athletic trainer and Blackroll trainer who will guide you through our recovery program and offers individual training and treatment where needed.


This might seem obvious but for us and our Camps it is essential that you are having a good time for yourself and with the group. Lets free our mind, enjoy being in nature - windsurfing in beautiful places, together with other Girls who feel the same way. While deeply enjoying what you are doing the learning process will progress more easily and you will get better results trying new moves and raise your windsurfing-level. Also fear can block our learning process, but often especially during windsurfing this fear is totally unnecessary. By creating a safe learning environment we want to replace all our fear with fun and hope that together we will unlock our full potential.

WHat They Said: 



For me, the camp was the best motivation that I could have wished for and it finally gave me the confidence I needed to really step up my windsurfing. Lena's tips in terms of technique and equipment were worth their weight in gold and laid the foundation for me to have the self-confidence that it takes to get my own equipment and go windsurfing even if I’m just by myself. In northern Germany there really aren’t many other girls going windsurfing so  I was extremely grateful and excited to meet and get to know these impressive girls at the Girls Camp. I hope there will be many more girls who will be able to join these camps and like me step up their ambitions, learn to be more independent with their windsurfing and perhaps even decide to start racing.

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The Girls Camps was a new and exciting experience for me. To surf together with Girls of many different levels, to motivate and learn from each other was just amazing. It was exciting to try equipment from different windsurf disciplins as well as learning to rig, tune and try new moves. But not just surfing together was a lot of fun, also eating, the stretching or waiting together for the thunderstrom to pass by made the community even stronger and created these special days.

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The tips Lena gave us for some moves were very helpful. But what got even more into my head was the keenness and euphoria for the sport, to connect people who share the same passion, to get more fun on the water and learn from each other. It also gave me the motivation to experience new windsurfspots and to participate in my first windsurf race. 

Our Coaching Approach 

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