25.6. - 28.6.2020
Location: CAMP DAVID Sport Resort by ALL-on-SEA
Participants: Limited to 12 Places
Level: open for all levels (beginner (requirement: basic course), intermediate, advanced)
What to expect: 
On land and water coaching, video analysis
in small groups

Location and Spot


The camp takes place at Watersportstation ALL-on-SEA in the ‘CAMP DAVID Sport Resort’  located near Leipzig at the Schladitzer Lake. The spot is the perfect place for all levels of windsurfing. It doesn't matter if you want to start getting into the footstraps, use the harness or if you want to plane through your jibes and get out with speed - the conditions are suitable for all of you windsurfgirls. In summer time the Lake gets good solid winds and even when the wind gets strong you don't have to worry about choppy or wavy conditions. 

Are you interested in joining our Camp in Leipzig then check out what  we got planned for you:

  • The Camp (Provisional Schedule)

    Arrival Day

    We meet at 12.00 at the Watersport centre to get to know each other, talk about what we want to learn over the next four days and set our personal windsurfing goals. 

    With our goals in mind, we sit down for a nice lunch prepared by ALL-on-SEA and get the energy we need for the rest of the day. 

    Afterwards, we start the Camp by having a look at the Equipment. We rig, tune and give you tips and tricks on what is important to get the most out of your equipment in different conditions. When we are ready we go on the water and have fun. Video Analysis will take place before or after dinner depending on conditions. 

    At around 19.30 we have dinner and enjoy our first evening together!

  • Friday and Saturday, 

    we start with a nice breakfast at the centre together while we mentally prepare for another great day on the water. We go for our first Windsurf session and start practising our moves. During our sessions on the water, we will be giving you direct feedback but also take Videos of each of you for our analysis sessions afterwards.

    After our lunch break, we will go through the Video- Analysis and talk about your next steps on the water. With new goals in mind, we go for a second session on the water. Tired and happy about all the windsurfing Kathi guides you through the recovery & stretching session at the end of the day. We will give our body the chance to recover and gain energy for the next days. 

    At around 19.30 we get together for Dinner, drinks and enjoying the evenings.


    Sunday, to get a powerful start to our last day and to ease the tensions we got left from all the windsurfing we start with a morning Yoga session. After recharging our body we have breakfast all together and prepare for getting on the water. 

    At around midday, we have Lunch and start the debrief of our Camps. Tell us how you experienced the days we spent together, how you felt on the water windsurfing, improving your skills and what was your favourite part of this Windstory. 

    For those who still have energy left and don’t have a long way back home, we can go windsurfing in the afternoon and simply have fun cruising around a bit longer!!

Package offerS

Leipzig all in

  • 4 Days coaching/ Recovery Training

  • Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

  • Equipment rental 

  • Foil is included


Price: 663€*

*exclusive: VAT (value added tax)

leipzig storage

  • 4 Days coaching/ Recovery Training

  • Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner 

  • Equipment storage

 !!There are only a few places for storage!!


Price: 559€*

*exclusive: VAT (value added tax)

Equipment Rental

All-on-Sea Center 

The Center is offering a special deal for equipment rental for all Girls booking our Leipzig Camp. Unlimited possibilities to swap sails and boards right on the spot. We recommend booking this equipment deal with us. Doesn't matter if you need a bigger board to feel stable on the water or you are already intermediate and wanna try out different sizes according to our recommendations. Additionally, we will have race sails and freerace sails from Point7 available to try during the Camp.

The Foil- Rental is included in the price. 


Fore more details check out the webpage and all the Equipment: 


Resort All-On-Sea

If you want to stay directly at the Resort there are two options. 

Option 1:

Grouptenthouse (1-8 people)

depends on how many of you Girls wanna share the accommodation we can reserve the Grouptenthouse.

Option 2:

Camping. Come with your own home on 4-wheels and stay directly at the lake or in the Camping Area. 

For more Details and Prices check out the webpage: 

Please fill out this form and you will receive your booking confirmation as well as your bill within 1 - 4 days
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