Windsurf Girls Community: it's all about pushing each other

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

Windsurfing as a women often means dealing with what are completely outdated macho ideals. But focusing on problems is never the way to go, so instead I would like to talk about a wonderful community of windsurfgirls: Girls who cheer for each other, who train together and who define their own limits.

Competition Scene :

Since my early days on the windsurfing tour I have really enjoyed the atmosphere between the girls and especially the welcoming attitude of the top riders. I learned that I could set up my footstraps differently to make it more comfortable in rougher conditions from Karin Jaggi who I saw changing her setting according to the water conditions at every event and from Valerie Arrigethi I learned that she was using way smaller fins then men and mixing and matching her masts to suit her personal style and weight. Then as today the welcoming attitude of the girls has not changed and help will be offered when needed. It seems to me that today the girls on tour are all friends even if of course we are competitors on the water. While we strive to be the best we can, better then the others, we also raise the bar of female windsurfing and this is the greater picture that I love most: We might be competing agains each other, but we are pushing the level female windsurfing together.

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