Equal price Money in Gran Canaria

The Moreno Twins Iballa and Daida made it possible for the first time in Windsurfing History to have an event with equal price money. In 2018 we saw the first edition of the event and in 2019 the PWA has put together this video to promote this big step.

Women put the same effort, the same time, passion and dedication towards their goals in Windsurfing, yet many men believe it's justified that women earn less price money in competition because there are less competitors. The point they often choose to ignore is that women are not given the same opportunities to grow and invest in themselves as competitors. With less support from the industry and less price money it seems impossible for women to consider the sport as a serious career. The Moreno Twins have been pushing the sport and women in the sport for years now and with this latest development continue to lead by example. Great video and message, I'm so happy to share this with you girls on the blog, let me know your thoughts in the comments

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