How it all began: Windsurf Girls Road Trip

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Munich/Walchensee/Lake Garda/Hamburg

This is where it all started.....

In July we decided to make a road trip trough Germany and Italy. It all happened kind of spontaneously as we both had time to go travelling together. So we started our trip in Munich heading south. Throughout the trip we got very lucky with the weather- we had sunshine, wind and nice warm nights all over. First stop was Walchensee. We had heard so many good things about this place and we definitely didn't get disappointed. When you image the Caribbean of Europe this is what Walchensee looks like. A lake in the middle of nowhere, with beautiful blue/green water surrounded by mountains and woods. We had two days of solid wind for the perfect freeride and foiling sessions. In the evening we enjoyed the peace and quietness this amazing place offers and we were already far away from the daily life troubles and stress. The start for the road trip couldn't have been any better.

After two days at Walchensee we continued our journey and drove to Lake Garda. Driving trough Austria, crossing parts of the Alps is always a nice journey and made us remember how beautiful this area is. We arrived in Torbole and had this stunning view over Lake Garda with its impressive cliffs and its Italian charm that catches you in a second. So nothing was holding us back for part two of the road trip exploring Lake Garda. The next 8 days we got very lucky with the wind, especially in the afternoon the Ora got pretty strong and we went windsurfing in Torbole almost every day. Lena also participated in the One Hour Classic and made the first place in the Women's ranking. It was a lot of fun to race with so many people and also to see many girls on the water competing and doing pretty good out there. This gave us the inspiration to make a Camp at Lake Garda. The conditions are perfect, the weather is nice in summer and of course the food is incredible.

Summing up, starting with the south of Germany, ending up in Lake Garda and then going back to Hamburg the trip was so much fun that we decided we have to do it more often and start traveling trough Central Europe again.

This was for Summer 2019- lets see what happens next year!

Keep you posted :)

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