Lovely Holidays!

Sarah and Oda, or should I say Beatrice and Magdalena are both super inspirational windsurfgirls, especially for me!! They are always pushing the limits of female freestyle and now both also in slalom and waves!!! I loved watching the lovely Holidays Clips and wanted to share all of the ones that are out so far here with you.  Also I managed to get a little exclusive Interview for the MyWindstories Blog, so make sure you read the interview and watch the clips if you haven't seen them yet.

How did you come up with the idea?

SQ: I think this was mainly Oda’s idea. She posted a clip of her sailing in a dress and a sunhat. To me that clip looked really cool, because she was over the top girlie, but went out on the water and busted out some big moves. Girls rock!And then when I came to Brazil, we just made a longer clip based off of that one, and since then we’ve travelled together a lot and  it’s just been a lot of fun to make more. Making the plans for it and filming them is a lot of fun, and at the end it’s just a great memory of all the trips we’ve done. I have to say though that Oda is the director haha. I’m just hired to do some improvisation on camera. Oda: It kinda started like Sarah said, but she is also a great buddy and always super motivated to get these clips done. Also her ideas are funny! We mainly have one idea and from there the ideas are growing. We travel together almost half of the year and she is a professional comedian- so it’s never hard for her to get into the Magdalena character 😜I am always mind blown about her British accent. It’s next level! 

There are not many girls only windsurf clips so I’m sure these clips are super motivating for lots of girls out there. I love it when girls team up and support each other and you two seem to be a great example of that. How is training together and competing against each other at the same time? 

SQ: It’s been awesome! I usually travel by myself and often find myself training with the guys, which is great. But training with other women is way, way more motivating. Just more relatable you know? Other than that, I’m not even sure we’re training that hard, we’re literally having too much fun on the water haha. But there’s a lot of support and motivation between us as well. And it seems that during competition the same fun and supporting vibe is still around. Oda: Past years I used to do many trips alone or travel with my boyfriend Håkon. Lately he could not join as many training trips due to work so I also started to train more with SQ. It’s been the most fun year. She made me motivated for slalom and was a good training partner with that. We are freestyling a lot and now we are on a wave trip in Australia. She is always steps ahead so I always have someone to look up to on the water! Seeing her sailing always reminds me that anything is possible! Competing against eachother is not so hard. You mainly focus on the moves in freestyle and in slalom we did have some races where we had a few moments that were epic. In Denmark when SQ won a race and I got 2nd right after her was just epic- felt like a team Lovely Holiday moment! The support is great! Watching her winning the wave world title has also been great. Not sure if people can understand how much work she put into that!

Whats would be your top advice for windsurf girls out there reading this and following your clips?

SQ: Get out there and have fun. Windsurfing and the whole adventure that comes with it is a blast :) Oda: Windsurfing is a challenging sport. Enjoy the progress and make sure to have fun while learning new skills! 

Will we see more Lovely Holiday Episodes?

Yes ! Look out for our Australia episode next

Oda you have also been offering coaching camps the last few years, did you enjoy the experience as a windsurf coach ? Are there many girls windsurfing in Norway? Yes! I do plenty of Camps every year in Norway and a few in Brazil. The coolest one that I plan every year is “Oda Johanne’s Windsurf Festival”. I’m stoked we managed to do it 3 years in a row and that Sarah has joined all of them. Last year was an epic one with more than 90 people signing up for the clinic and just a very good vibe with sun and wind! And yes-it was 50/50 men/women joining. Happy to see so many female windsurfers enjoying the sport in Norway! This year Sarah-Quita and I will do a windsurf clinic in Karpathos, Greece in the summer at Meltemi Windsurfing Centre. Pretty excited about that! 

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