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Salome send me a Video of her and her Brother freestyling in Greece and while I had a look at her profile I was so pretty impressed with her "Windsurfing CV", that I wanted you girls to meet her too! Hello Salome, looks like you are an all-round windsurf girl with only 15 years of age you have participated at competitions in Bic, Slalom and Freestyle.

What's your favourite discipline and why?

Hey, like you, I'm an all-round windsurfer, but actually, my favorite discipline is FREESTYLE. You can do everything and it's MAGIC to be able to fly in the air. I don’t really like Bic, I think it's a support to learn windsurfing, or to keep a good physical condition during winter. And in slalom, you just have to go straight and go fast, so it's not very interesting for me.

What moves are you training at the moment and what are your strategies to learn new moves?

Now, I'm on break, so I don't try anything, just some moves with skis in French Alps... I have already tried some flakas, half-konos, funnels, chachoos, loops ... I don't really have any strategies, I just repeat and repeat and repeat... I look at other people, and I try to do the same, I speak with them to understand the moves.

Are you planning on participating in any windsurfing competitions in 2020?

First, I hope, I will have AMAZING time practising. However I have some plans to compete, I think I will go to IFCA worlds (Slalom Championship ) in Italy (in June), I may go to the French AFF (National Slalom Championship), and to the French Slalom Contest for young windsurfers (defend my 1st place 2019 in U17). Also I will certainly participate in French freestyle contests. I'm so sad because of the end of BrouwersdamX for girls ( EFPT European Freestyle Championship ). No event at all for girls this year !?! So so sad !!.. No girl title ?? Couldn’t defend my 5th place in Pro division with other girl friends ??I

At the PWA it's not easy for a 15-year-old girl to go to events. Sad too ! …. and the news just came : only one freestyle PWA stop for girls this year, some stops for men only ?….in 2020 !! where is women-men equality ? In same time, in FreeRide World Ski Tour, they have equal prize money !! That is the present !! And Cross fingers, hope I could soon recovery ! Cause I just had a knee injury. Send me big good waves !

Who is your windsurfing Idol?

I like Sarah Quita a lot. She is a very talented girl. She is on social media to show her talents and not her body. Plus, she is a nice person who will help you when you need help.

I like Balz Müller too. He is a crazy man and I like that. He always has something new and funny to show. He is a genius. Plus, he is a nice person too, he doesn't hesitate to give you advice.

Whats your favourite spot for windsurfing and where is your homespot?

My favorite spot is perhaps Chickenbay in the Greek island of Karpathos. I love this place and it's where I progress the most. Plus it's beautiful ! But unfortunately, I don't live in Greece, I live in the East of France : no wind, no oceans.... so my homespot is a little lake in Vesoul, but nobody knows it, it's not the best spot to practise windsurfing, but it's cool to learn here.

Have you got some girlfriends who you are sailing with you and does it feel different to train and sail with girls compared to sailing with your brother who we see in the video ?

Sometimes, I sail with girls, and I think it's totally different. Because girls are more delicate. We practise windsurfing with less power than boys. So we need to analyse, to think, and to be more accurate. And boys can't understand it, so they are not really able to always help us, sometimes it's better to have advice from girls, even if my brother or my father (and my mother) help me a lot.

I love sharing sessions with buddies, it’s funnier, girls but boys too for sure !!

We see you got the Spock and Grubby in your repertoire whats your advise to other girls trying to learn these moves?

Spocks and Grubbys are very nice moves. A spock is just something to complete vulcan, it's cool and it can bring you some good feelings when it's done. To learn this move, you have to turn your head and to keep your mast right, towards the sky. You need to have speed and be careful, accurate and patient, very patient. Repeat the move until it's done and perfect.

For Grubby, I think it's a little bit different, because you can do it without thinking much. You just have to jump and turn. DON'T THINK ABOUT IT !!! Switch your brain off for a few seconds. It's not a hard move. See you on water ! Come all together to dance on water ! FUN !

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