messy hair, sandy feet, salty hearts-these are my salty sisters

We are absolutely stoked to introduce to you My Salty Sisters. So far we featured in our Blog Posts Windsurfgirls in many different contexts. But now we thought that it is time to connect with Girls who have the same vision and idea as My Windstories and share the same passion: being together on the water and building a girls community.

Meet Janina and Anita and read about My Salty Sisters Kite Retreats.

Tell us a bit about how you came up with the idea for My Salty Sister. How did it all begin?

Basically, we wanted to create something that combines our love for traveling and kitesurfing - and inspires other women. While traveling together from kite spot to kite spot and sharing this beautiful passion, we experienced that there is no better session than the ones we share. The special feeling of trust and endless support we give each other, is the feeling we want to spread and share with our Salty Sisters. After having a basic idea of how our trips should look like, we worked intensely on creating what we offer now: Empowerment and Kite Retreats for Women.

How did the two of you meet?

We met some years ago in Vienna, Austria, where we were both working in a women’s gym and an all-female environment. Really soon we realized that this is going to be a very special friendship, the love for adventure and a never-ending drive to travel around the world created an amazing base for our connection. We started traveling together through Latin America, which had a big impact on both our lives. This is were we both discovered our passion for kitesurfing and from that moment on we were more than friends: we became Salty Sisters.

What are the cornerstones of your retreats?

We want to offer the „whole package“: lots of kiting as well as taking care of our bodies and minds. In the end, this should be a vacation for our ladies, where everything is possible and you can be exactly who you are. We offer daily holistic workouts, like yoga, pilates and stretching routines and combine them with meditation and breathing exercises. In addition, we organize vegan cooking classes to share the basics of a plant-based nutrition. Normally, we do one to two kitesurfing sessions every day (depending on the conditions), offering full support to our participants. We truly believe that progression and confidence comes naturally, if you get the right support. For us, the level doesn’t matter - passion does! Our goal is to guide women through a mindful lifestyle - of course including a lot of time on the water. ;)

What makes the differences for you and what is your "mission statement"?

Female empowerment ist one of the main points of our retreats. We believe in the strength, independence and uniqueness of every woman and want to embrace all of it together in a group of like-minded ladies. We specifically designed some beautiful group activities and workshops around this topic - and our participants love it. By providing a safe space for everyone to open up, talk and share experiences, we realized how everyone benefits from an opportunity like that.

Also: we choose fun over progression. Always. This sport, this amazing passion, should bring us joy - living in a success-oriented world let us forget sometimes.

We always wanted to offer more than a kite camp - and we think, we definitely made this dream come true.

Which destinations did you choose so far and why?

So far we offered our retreats in Brazil and Colombia. Our next retreat is taking place in September in Rhodes, Greece. It is the first event in Europe and we are super stoked for it. There are two reasons, why we chose Latin America in the beginning: first of all - we love it! And second: as a woman, it is still not too easy to travel alone around these countries. Starting with society telling us (especially in Europe), that it is too dangerous. We provide safe trips, just working with reliable, trustworthy people we know, to guarantee the best travel experience for our ladies. Like this, everyone has the chance to visit these incredible places.

What are your goals with My Salty Sister in the coming years?

Get even more women on the water. Empower them in kitesurfing as well as in their lifestyle. And show the world how much we ladies rock on the water.

To check out their webpage click here and to follow on Instagram here.

Video of the first retreat in Brazil:

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Photos: © Viola Jagl & Miriam Joanna

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