Peruvian windsurf-sisterhood

Denise and Bettina-two passionate Windsurfers who have the same mission as My Windstories- getting more Girls into Windsurfing, connecting with each other and sharing what we all love so much. When we connected with these amazing ladies from Peru we knew that we have to share this with all of you in our Blog and want to know more about their project and their visions. So make sure to read the following Interview and stay tuned for more!

1.) How did you guys meet? (Tell us also about yourself and about your mission)

We met 10 years ago thanks to windsurfing. We were in the Formula Team for the “Club Regatas Lima”, Peru.

Denise has done Formula, Techno293 and Wave sailing, competing national and international wise in those disciplines. She is a marine biology student and coach of Techno293 at the same club where she started sailing.

Bettina has done Formula and Wave sailing and also has done some national and international competitions in both disciplines. She is an interior designer and architect and has been a windsurfing teacher at some summer camps.

Now we are both free windsurfers who love wave sailing and go together north Perú or Zarate among other beaches in Peru.

2.) How did you come up with the idea of the Windsurf Girls Camps?

The idea of a Windsurf Girls Camp was born years ago together with other girls during a sleepover.

In 2011 we came up with the great idea of summoning many Girls to learn to windsurf with us. The idea was born since in the national championships we were very few Girls and we wanted the female fleet to grow.

Carolina Butrich and Alexandra Vernal, who were the oldest in the girl windsurfing group, by then worked to make this beautiful event happen.

3.) When did you start planing? Four events were held, last being in 2014 and after a long time in November 2019, Denise and Bettina decided to bring the event back.

4.) How many Camps have you planned for 2020? In 2020 we hope to do 3 events. One now in March another in July and the last one in December.

For the Windsurf Girls Camp on March 14th and 15th 2020, we already have 23 Girls registered. So we believe that another event is quite likely to be done.

5.) What are your experiences of sailing, teaching and learning in an all girls environment? Whats makes the difference for you? What makes it so special?

We are both from Peru, a place full of incredible places to sail like Paracas, Pacasmayo, Lobitos, Negritos- among many other beaches. We have both competed several times in the Pacasmayo Classic and in other modality championships and we have realized that in most sports women are always the smallest groups.

Being in Peru, a country with 3080 km of coastline and full of places to navigate, we believe that, little by little with events like this we will promote water sports for Girls in Peru.

all photos and rights: Windsurf Girls Camps Peru

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