Sometimes it feels like hitting my head against a wall

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Normally I hate complaining or whining about things, but there are also situations that need to be talked about and shared instead of trying to ignore and forget about it as fast as possible. So here's a little snippet of something that happened to me today. I'm in New Caledonia for the last PWA World Cup event of the year and whilst we are waiting for wind we often end up discussing the ins and outs of the sport. Today the lunch break was intense as when the topic came to the possibility of introducing equal price money for men and women one of the PWA Crew members told me and a couple of other Girls, that that was simply an absurd idea because we were less fast then the guys. We went on to try and explain to him that men and women bodies are not the same and that like in all sports women could obviously not be raced against men. He seemed to think that that was just tough luck that we are less heavy and strong then the men and therefore obviously deserve to earn less then men in the sport. Wow, in 2020 coming from someone who is working for the most prestigious organisation within the sport this was a real shock to the system. This topic is one that has been discussed over and over and in the end putting in the same hours of training effort and passion always seems to be nullified by the fact that we are less in numbers. Being confronted with the argument that we are less fast was a first however. What are you thoughts on this?


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