Stepping it up to Pro: Marion Mortefon

Marion Mortefon finished her 2019 PWA season with a maiden Slalom Victory in windy New Caledonia and a first PWA Vice Worldchampion Title in her pocket. Find out what it takes to step it up to Pro Windsurfer from a windgirl who successfully managed to take this daunting step.  


Hello Marion you’ve been competing on the PWA World Cup for quite some time now, but have recently stepped up your game massively. What made the biggest difference? Tell us your story a little bit.

Hello MyWindstories readers!

I did my first PWA event in 2010 in Alaçati, my first podium in Alaçati in 2015 but really manage to do the whole tour in 2015 and become a PRO windsurfer in 2016. 

From 2012 to 2015, I was studying Process engineering and working in the same time in a cement company. After my graduation, I was still working in this company until end of 2016, then I decided to quit my job. During all this time, my holidays were only for competition, no specially time for training and good preparation. I was really frustrated. With some good sponsors opportunity I decided to quit my job, and live my dream, to give everything I have to become the best windsurfer I can be, with always the goal to become world champion. From that point when I quit my job, I was fully focused on training and preparation, and it changed everything for me,  the result paper at the end of the year was a good proof :-) 

You come from a windsurfing family your brother Pierre has just been crowned PWA World Champion in 2019. How does it feel to have your older brother on Tour with you and are you able to benefit from his experience? Do you train together? 

For sure it’s a good point to have my brother on tour, it’s always a good inspiration since we are young. We are 3 in the family, my younger brother is also sailing, it’s really a part of our lifestyle. We are training together, with the same sponsors equipment duotone and fanatic, we are sharing a lot about tuning and feeling. He gives to me but he is also taking my feeling when I get back from the water. It’s really helpful to be 2 when you are traveling, we are a great team for this, I’m feeling really thankful. We have also two strong temperament so by the past, it has not always been rosy :-)

What's your best advice to other girls who want to take the step to becoming pro windsurfers? 

You have to give it a try, for sure having done studies and having a background was more comfortable. But if you really want it, it’s possible. It’s always step by step, and when the good opportunity is here, take it. 

Since I can think of there has always been a very strong women fleet in France, what do you think are some of the reasons for that? 

Since some years, we are a lot on the French tour, often more than 20. We can do 2 heats during the event, it’s super good, amazing training for the world cup. 

When I begin on senior fleet, sometimes we were 3-4, it was not a lot. 

But since some years the French federation have done a young team, they have some trainings during the year, the processus is really good. We have also a really strong fleet in the men division. Windsurfing in France is really not dead when you go on the beach and in the sailing center the weekend ! We have a really strong fleet between 17 to 22 years old, but still hard to keep everybody after the studies. 

Since few years, I’m organizing some only girls coaching and it’s always a success. I really love the good vibes during these days, all these women with a really nice level, lot of inspiration and I will continue in the future because it’s really something I trust in. We need to help and promote each other because we deserve it and it’s hard in this « MEN ONLY » sports to find its way ! 

How has Corona impacted your Windsurfing careers far? What do you do to stay sane during this time?

Completely stoped! I’m at home working on some projects, doing lot of sport, but since some days it’s a bit hard to keep the motivation! We are still locked in france, impossible to put a foot on the beach. I try to breath and think about better days :-)

Anything else you would like to add?

Congrats for your work on My Windstories and Good luck everyone for this strange moment on earth!

You can follow Marion on Instagram @marion_mortefon

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